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While many people celebrate Valentine’s Day as a day to bring joy to those we love, the pressure to give the perfect gift can bring on anxiety and stress. Take a deep breath, because we’re here to help take that stress away. We’ve rounded up plenty of ways you can express your love and appreciation to create a memorable day.

Having Gifts Delivered

Let’s discuss the most obvious (but still classic) Valentine’s gift ideas first. You may think having candy, cards, and flowers delivered is too cliché, but that doesn’t have to be the case. The key is to send something you know your loved one will appreciate. Having a gift delivered shows that you took the time and effort to let them know they matter to you.

The challenge most people face with Valentine’s Day delivery is finding a delivery service that will drop off the gift at a specific time so the recipient is sure to get it. To add to the challenge, many rush delivery services may even cost more than the gifts themselves! You don’t need to take out a new credit card to express your love. Find pre-priced delivery to see the full price before you schedule. You can even choose the exact pick-up and delivery time.

Here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you can have delivered:

·      A personal card/letter

·      Flowers

·      Teddy bear

·      Balloons

·      Potted plants

·      Chocolates

·      Candy

·      Customized photobook

·      Gift baskets

·      Gourmet coffee

·      Cakes/pies

Helping with things they can’t do.

Valentine’s gifts don’t have to be physical. Does your loved one have something around the house that never gets done, either because they can’t do it themselves or they don’t have the time? Help them by mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, tending the garden, pressure washing, updating the fixtures, or helping with errands. If you can’t be there to help yourself, you can still book a service as a gift.

Show Off Your Love

Do you have photos of your family you never get around to hanging? Or works of art you've collected over the years? Why not create a gallery wall for this Valentine’s Day? This way you can show off your most treasured memories and/or art. If you’re worried about hanging everything perfectly, you can always find local handyman help.

Enjoy a Romantic Night In

Some couples prefer to spend the night in rather than deal with traffic and crowds. Skip the lines at the movies when you upgrade your home entertainment system. Install a new sound bar or surround sound system to enjoy cinema-quality sound without leaving the couch because, let’s face it, who really wants to pay $20 for a bucket of popcorn or sit through half an hour of previews? The best part about this Valentine’s gift is that you can enjoy it throughout the year.

Another way to spend a romantic night at home is to enjoy a good meal from the comfort of your own kitchen. Have new appliances installed or a new dining table delivered and assembled. These updates can add value to your home by enhancing your kitchen. They also upgrade your at-home dinners and can even inspire you to cook as a couple. Plus, you can enjoy the space any time that you want – no reservation required.

Show Love to Your Fur Family

Don’t forget to show some love to the fur babies in your family! Pick them up a new toy, have a new dog house or cat tree assembled, install a pet door, or just free up your time to love on your pet.

Show Love to Your Home

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