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Planning a holiday party this year? Whether you’re hosting a Christmas party or a New Year’s Eve bash, you’ll want to check these items off your list.


Hunger can bring out the worst in even the nicest person. Don’t let your guests get hangry. Make sure you have plenty of food and beverages on hand. This doesn’t mean you need to shoulder the entire cost of this yourself. Have friends either chip in for a food budget or sign up to bring certain items. You’ll still want to keep a few basics on hand just in case someone forgets their contribution. Stock the pantry with a bottle or two of soda and have purified water. Also take note of any guest’s food allergies so you can make sure they have something to eat. It’s no fun having to watch everyone else eat when you can’t.

How you present the meal depends on the kind of party you plan. If you want an informal get-together, a buffet table lets guests eat when and where they want. If you want to host a sit-down dinner, either offer appetizers ahead of the meal or schedule it early in the evening. Impatience and hunger often go hand-in-hand.

You can find help on Takl for assembling and decorating the buffet tables, arranging the food, or setting the table. Use “Build Your Own Job” to find help for your custom chore.


Music plays a big part in setting the tone for your party. Make a playlist of jazzy holiday favorites to play in the background or put on something guests can dance to. It’s all up to you! You can get great sound quality by simply playing your digital tracks. The key is to have a good sound system, which a Provider on Takl can help set up.


Personally, I love a party that lets me read a good book in the corner, but I’m told most people don’t share my feelings. If you DON’T want your guests checking their email or watching videos on their phones all night, make sure to keep them entertained. Think up fun icebreakers that guests can use to mix and mingle. Games can also bring out a different side to your friends and give everyone a good laugh. For New Year’s Eve, have the TV mounted by a Provider so everyone can watch the ball drop at midnight (or the guitar if you’re in Nashville like Takl HQ).


You can’t throw a good Christmas party without proper Christmas décor. Don’t worry though. You don’t have to handle all the stress of hosting and decorating alone. Takl’s “Seasonal” category connects you to local help so you can tick these decorating chores off your list:

·      Hanging wreaths

·      Decorating the tree

·      Wrapping gifts

·      Placing garland

·      Arranging candles

·      Setting up the Christmas lights

For New Year’s Eve parties, some people choose to leave their Christmas décor up. Others opt to follow a theme for their party. Send out invitations to your guests letting them know about the theme and appropriate attire. Set the scene with affordable backdrops and room rolls. A Provider can help you install these great temporary decorations and take them down. No more worrying about lining everything up just right or spending all that time cleaning up after the party ends. Use Art Deco elements for a soiree that would make Gatsby proud or use a glittery background to match the fireworks outside.

Hosting a party is hard enough. Use Takl’s “Hourly Help” category to knock out all of your party prep in a single appointment. When the party wraps up, book a Provider to come by and clean. It’s that easy.

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