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Smart homes not only make daily life more convenient, but can also prove a wise financial investment as well. Whether you want to upgrade your home entertainment system, automate your day, or save on energy bills, here are 4 ways you can make your home smarter with Takl.

Have a smart thermostat installed.

This Takl user found fast help for installing their smart thermostat.

Smart thermostats help you save energy without compromising on comfort in your home. Some smart thermostats allow you to cool and heat certain zones so you aren’t paying to power an empty room. You can also set your AC to run at specific times. There’s no reason to waste energy when you aren’t even home. Reducing your energy use isn’t just good karma — it also saves money on your energy bill. Smart home automation helps your wallet out in other ways, too. Smart home technology can increase the resale value of your home.

Upgrade your home entertainment system.

Say goodbye to high costs and long lines at the movie theater. Have your home entertainment system set up by a Provider. Here are just some of the TV and electronics chores you can Takl:

· TV mounting

· Sound bar installation

· Home entertainment system setup

· Custom chore with junk removal included (have those boxes hauled away!)

· Custom chore with “Build Your Own Job”

Have a smart doorbell installed.

This Takl user found a Provider to install their smart home doorbell.

Don’t miss a minute of your favorite shows when there’s someone at the door. Install a smart doorbell and see who’s ringing your bell, right from the couch. This adds an extra layer of protection to your home, as well, as you can use the built-in security camera to keep an eye on things right from your phone.

Add a virtual assistant.

Have a virtual assistant system like Amazon Echo or Google Home set up with the Smart Home “Pick Your Price” category.

Virtual assistants are constantly getting smarter and can assist with all kinds of things around the home. Use a virtual assistant to:

· Play and pause TV

· Start an outbound call

· Pull up recipes in the kitchen

· Set daily alarms

· Call friends and family

· Set timers while cooking

· Voice-control lights in any room

· Voice-control your smart thermostat

· Play audiobooks on demand

· Listen to the news

· Schedule appointments and reminders

· Hear the weather

· Voice-control your microwave

· Brew a cup of coffee

· Voice-control your ceiling fan

· And more

Plus, smart home devices are designed to get even smarter over time, so as the number of AI-connected devices continues to grow, you can use your virtual assistant to do even more in less time.

Another great way to do more in less time is to find a Provider on Takl. Use Hourly Help to knock out multiple smart home chores in a single appointment. Create a custom chore with Build Your Own Job. Get started at Takl.com or in our free mobile app!