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It’s one thing to put up with months of cold weather outdoors, but the last thing you want is for the cold to follow you home! You also don’t want to see your energy bill skyrocket from blasting the heat. Keep your home warm this winter with these tips.

Have gaps sealed to keep warm air in and cold air out.

Small gaps you probably never even think about can let the cold weather in. Seal gaps along the windows and doors, as well as any small holes throughout the home. A Provider on Takl can help by caulking windows, patching small openings, and installing weather stripping around your doors. Not only will you shield your home from cold air, but you’ll keep more of the warm air from escaping, helping to lower your energy costs.

Cover air vents for the winter.

A Provider covered multiple vents for these Takl users.

Covering air vents is another easy, affordable way to keep cold weather out.

Install a smart thermostat.

Smart thermostats provide a variety of options that can lower energy bills. Some allow you to set up temperature “zones” throughout the house. Who wants to waste money heating empty rooms? Some smart thermostats also let you set up timers. Schedule your thermostat to switch off when you’re at work and kick on when you get back. Find a Provider on Takl to install your smart thermostat.

Install a window heating unit.

Installing a window A/C unit allowed this Takl user to keep the room warmer in winter and cooler in summer. 

Have one room that gets colder than the others? Have a window heating unit installed. This way you can concentrate heat where you need it the most.

Have a fireplace assembled.

These Takl users had a beautiful fireplace assembled by a Provider.

There’s nothing like unwinding by the fire on a cold winter day. Maybe your home didn’t come with a fireplace built in, or you want to enjoy a fire in a specific room. Assembly fireplaces let you add a cozy fire almost anywhere you want. When you book an assembly chore on Takl, a Provider takes care of the hard part for you. All you have to do is heat up some cocoa, grab your favorite book, and unwind by your new fireplace.

Install curtains for added insulation.

Curtains provide more than just privacy. In the winter, they act to insulate the room from the cold. You can even find specially-lined insulated curtains for this very purpose. You’ll need a strong enough curtain rod for proper support as these curtains weigh more than thinner varieties. A Provider on Takl can install that curtain rod for you, and the curtains too.