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It’s hard to believe, but spring is right around the corner! That means it’s time to start thinking about loving on your lawn once again. Here’s a quick checklist of things to keep in mind as spring approaches this year.

  • Make sure lawn equipment is in good working order: blades sharpened, oil changed, and equipment cleaned.
  • Give your lawn a spring cleaning and remove tree branches, leaves and debris. Gently rake your lawn to help de-thatch it and separate grass shoots.
  • If you are seeding, make sure to test your soil’s pH levels to ensure that it is in good condition and aerate compacted areas before seeding.
  • If you have warm season grass, it’s a good idea to apply a fresh layer of fertilizer in the spring.
  • If you are not seeding this year, get ahead of your weeds by applying a pre-emergent herbicide.
  • Start mowing your lawn as soon as it needs it. It’s a good rule of thumb to wait until your lawn is 4–5 inches long before mowing grass. How often you mow will depend on how fast your lawn grows. Try to not cut more than a third of the blade’s length at a time to keep your grass healthy and growing.
  • Cold air can dry out lawns and keep them from growing. Keep your lawn protected from the cold air by watering it weekly.

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