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There’s so much to do during the winter holiday season. If you find it hard to keep track of all the things on your to-do list, you definitely aren’t alone! We’ve made life a little easier by compiling a holiday checklist for you. As always, you can find fast help on Takl for all kinds of small jobs including holiday chores.

·      Find a tree and have it delivered, or have your artificial tree assembled.

·      Get the decorations out of storage.

·      Decorate the tree.

·      Have lights set up outside. (Pro tip: Find this chore in our “Seasonal” category!)

·      Hang wreaths on the door and the windows.

·      Arrange garland and other décor indoors.

·      Get Christmas lists from all your friends and family. Make sure you order early enough that the gift can arrive on time. (Pro tip: Skip the crowds when you book same-day pickup and delivery on Takl. Available in most markets.)

·      Have the gifts wrapped beautifully so they can double as décor under the tree.

·      Keep milk and cookies stocked for Santa on Christmas Eve.

·      Schedule assembly for gifts like trampolines, basketball goals, exercise equipment, and assembly toys.

·      Have new hardware and fixtures installed by a Provider.

·      Schedule installation for electronic gifts. Have a smart thermostat installed, TV mounted, wi-fi set up, and more.

·      Plan your holiday party with these tips.

·      If you’re hosting guests, make sure your guest-rooms are good to go.

·      If you’re traveling, keep these tips in mind.

·      Schedule cleaning help before guests arrive and for after they leave. (Pro Tip: Book “cleaning with disposal” to have the house picked up and all that wrapping paper hauled off after Christmas.)

·      Schedule junk removal to have the tree hauled away.

·      Have a Provider put all of the décor back into storage when the holidays are done.