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From meeting your health goals to reducing stress, check out these affordable assembly items that can improve your life.

Exercise equipment

Exercise Bike Assembly: This Takl user found a local Provider to assemble this exercise bike.

Want to get healthy, but don’t want to go to the gym? We hear you. Create an at-home gym with exercise equipment like a treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical, or utility bench. Use same-day delivery and assembly to get started on your fitness goals faster.

Ergonomic chair

Office Chair Assembly: Whether you need one chair assembled or several, you can find a Provider on Takl to help. This user did!

Whether it’s at the office or gaming with friends, if you spend a lot of time at the desk, poor posture can lead to neck, shoulder, back, and leg/knee pain. No thanks! A bad chair can cause pain despite your best efforts to sit up straight. Have an ergonomic chair assembled or, if you’re ordering for the entire office, have a whole set assembled in one quick appointment.

Standing desk

Standing Desk Assembly: This Takl user had standing desks assembled for the whole office.

Your chiropractor hasn’t seen you around since you paired a new ergonomic chair with a standing desk. A standing desk helps you get on your feet more during the work day. Healthline states that standing desks may help reduce back pain, boost productivity, improve energy, and offer other health benefits.

Bicycle, basketball goal, or trampoline

Trampoline Assembly: This Takl user found a Provider to assemble this large trampoline.

Combine fitness with family fun. Go biking together and explore new places, take turns shooting baskets, or use the trampoline to burn off energy.


Bed Assembly: This Takl user found local assembly help for both the bed platform and headboard.

A good night’s rest fuels you for a productive day. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services states that getting between 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night can help boost your immunity, reduce stress, improve your mood, help you think clearer, and even help you make better decisions. If your old mattress is keeping you awake, it’s time to have the old one hauled away and a new one delivered. You can also have a new bed frame, platform, or headboard assembled.


Gazebo Assembly: This Takl user can use the hot tub rain or shine now that their gazebo is assembled.

A gazebo or pergola can create a permanently shady area so you can enjoy your outdoor space any time of year. Trying to assemble this yourself, however, is a big job. Find local assembly help to have it put together at the time you choose.

Patio furniture

Patio Furniture Assembly: This Takl user found a Provider to assemble their patio bench.

Get more fresh air and make the most of your outdoor space when you have patio furniture assembled. Learn something new when you kick back with a good book in your outdoor recliner. These assembly items might even inspire you to get social by hosting an alfresco dinner.


Grill Assembly – New grill? Follow this Takl user's example and find local grill assembly help.

Have the grill assembled to barbecue with friends and family, eat healthier when you grill fresh vegetables, and even save money by eating at home.


Barstool Assembly – This Takl user found a local Provider to assemble their barstools.

Psychology Today states the health benefits of socializing include better mental health, better physical health, and even longer life! Have barstools, chairs, and even sofas assembled. Go ahead and invite all your friends. There’s a seat for everyone!

Multifunctional coffee table

Coffee Table Assembly – This Takl user had their lift-top coffee table assembled by a local Provider.

Short on space? Multifunctional coffee tables act as table, desk, and storage all in one. Use your new storage to create a tidier space since clutter is known to cause unneeded stress.

Don’t have the time or tools to get these items assembled? Use Takl to find local assembly help at the time that you choose. A background-checked Provider can even be at your door as soon as the very same day in most markets!

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