Takl is the easiest way to find same-day help with home services. Find local background checked Providers on-demand to check off your chore list.

Takl’s platform for finding handyman help extends beyond the home. Teachers and schools are Takl’ing the new school year by finding local help for classroom prep and more. Not all schools have the maintenance staff to assist with internal repairs, assembly, painting, and classroom prep. Private schools and charter schools can use Takl’s on-demand services to welcome students back with these Takl jobs!

Classroom Decorating and Arrangement

Looking to paint the walls* or rearrange the classroom? Find a Provider for painting jobs, assembling shelves, delivering bookcases, rearranging the furniture, and more.

Whether you just need to dust off the desks in the classroom or you need them moved and arranged, you can find both cleaning and moving help on Takl.

Assemble the Admin Areas

Takl has connected schools with local help for many different assembly jobs. Set up administrative areas by having new desks, shelves, and chairs assembled. You can also find help for installing blinds, cleaning the office, hourly jobs, and custom chores.

Get Ready for Recess

Recess is way more than a much-needed break for teachers. The American Academy of Pediatrics found that recess provides students with numerous benefits to both mental and physical wellness. Recess provides time to socialize, exercise, imagine, and re-energize. Studies show that after a break, students are better able to focus in the classroom, making recess an important part of improving overall academic success. A Provider on Takl can assist with assembling equipment for students of all ages, from trikes to soccer and basketball goals. You can even find lawn mowing help when the playgrounds require a little TLC!

Enhance with the Latest Tech

Takl even connects you to fast help for smart device setup. Create a custom electronics chore to have audio and video devices set up. Have TVs mounted in meeting rooms, a sound system upgraded in the auditorium, printers set up in the library, and the wi-fi connected in the computer lab.

*Not all services available in all regions.