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From school supplies to bus schedules, there’s enough to keep track of in the new school year without the added stress of chaotic mornings and messy afternoons. Eliminate the morning scramble to find shoes, school books, and grab the right lunch. While we’re at it, let’s prevent the mess of backpacks, notebooks, and jackets scattered all over the house. Use these organization tips to simplify your back-to-school routine.

Start the morning right by preparing the night before.

Follow this Takl user’s example and have the pantry organized, making meal prep faster and easier.

Cut down on the cries of “Mom, where’s my –?” by establishing a nightly routine. Evening routines have been shown to help children, as well as adults, sleep better. Plus, knowing what to expect can help reduce stress.

Have the kids lay out their clothes for tomorrow before going to bed. Books and homework can be packed into book bags so there’s no chance of them getting lost in the morning rush. If they’re old enough, get the kids involved in fixing their lunches and snacks. Make-ahead meals can also serve as a breakfast shortcut. Have the kitchen, drawers, and closets organized so everyone knows where to go for what they need.

Create a “landing pad.”

This Takl user’s organized mudroom is a perfect place for shoes, bags, jackets, and more.

Where do the kids usually enter the house after school? Through the front door, the garage, or a backdoor to the mudroom? You can usually tell by following the trail of shoes, socks, lunchboxes, sweaters, jackets, and backpacks to the source. No more! Create a spot where everyone knows to put their stuff.

Steer all items to a specific place with a few key organization pieces. Have a coat rack assembled or wall hooks mounted for jackets, hats, umbrellas, and scarves. Add a storage bench to your mudroom or entryway, creating a place to put on or take off shoes and a place to store them. Add shelving for storing backpacks, lunch boxes, purses, and more. A Provider on Takl can help with assembly, mounting, delivering furniture, and other handyman jobs.

Don’t go it alone.

Organization goes a long way to help keep the house clear of clutter. Even so, there will inevitably be times that mess takes over the house. Split chores between family members to help keep things tidy. When you need an extra hand for fast cleaning, whether for a single room or the whole house, you can choose a local Provider on Takl to help.