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You’ve seen the ads for Black Friday deals on TVs and you’ve seen the long lines at the brick-and-mortar stores. With alternatives like Cyber Monday and deals starting on Thanksgiving day, you might be wondering if Black Friday is still the best time to buy a new TV.

Consumer Reports states that stores continue to offer their deepest discounts for televisions on Black Friday. Brick-and-mortar store sales remain strong with millions of people crowding the shopping aisles, but even more people are ordering electronics online. Whichever way you prefer to save, studying ads early can inform your shopping strategy to stretch your dollar further.

Still on the fence about whether you should buy a new TV this year? Consider these questions when making your decision.

·      The visibility. If you find yourself squinting at your television because of how far it is from your seat, you might want to consider a larger size with higher resolution. Your eyes will thank you for it.

·      The size. While bigger might seem better, you should consider both the size of the television and the size of your space. A giant television on a very small stand can look aesthetically uneven, not to mention compromise the stability of your TV. While you’re shopping Black Friday deals, you can find an appropriately-sized television stand and have it assembled. You can also opt have your TV mounted on the wall.

·      The resolution. If you’ve browsed the TVs in a local electronics department, you’ve probably seen side-by-side comparisons of screen quality. 4K, for example, has over four times as many pixels as 1080p. These models have become much more affordable in recent years and with film studios churning out so many 4K movies, a 4K TV is sure to get plenty of use.

·      The longevity. Determine the average lifespans of the televisions you consider. Also consider what features might soon be outdated. Technology constantly evolves and some features may prove more gimmicky than lasting.

Do I need a sound bar? How does it differ from speakers?

To get the most out of your television’s audio, you might buy a sound bar or home theater speakers. How do you know which is right for you?

A sound bar typically comes as a single long, slim unit that fits neatly in front of your tv or elsewhere on your entertainment center. A sound bar will greatly increase the quality of your sound for movies, music, games, and shows, but you should note the sound travels in a single direction.

Home theater speakers provide surround sound by using multiple units. Placing the speakers at different angles conveys sound in several directions at once, creating a theater-like experience at home.

You’ll also want to consider the specifics of your home when choosing your sound system. Sound bars are great for apartments as they take up less space and won’t blast sound through shared walls the way surround sound systems can. However, if you have a free-standing home and want the full home-theater experience, you might lean toward surround sound.

Finally, consider the setup of your sound system. A single unit sound bar might seem like an easier setup than a multi-speaker unit, but both systems come with their share of challenges. The good news is that you can save yourself time and stress by finding a local Provider on Takl to set up your sound system for a single, flat price.

What about other Black Friday electronics?

Did you know smart home devices can integrate with your TV? So while you’re shopping for your new TV, keep an eye out for smart home devices deeply discounted for Black Friday.

Voice assistants can play your movies, music, and shows via voice command.

Your TV and smart home equipment can even make your home safer. Connect CCTV security cameras to your television to monitor different parts of your home, from the baby’s nursery to the backdoor. You can also have a camera-enabled doorbell show you who is at your front door right from your couch.

So what kind of Black Friday deals can you expect on smart home products? Many stores discount items anywhere from tens to hundreds of dollars. You might find especially good deals on older models as stores make room for the latest versions.

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