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The questions about your wedding plans can start almost the very same day you get engaged. My own grandparents asked about the wedding date 15 minutes after my fiancé proposed. True story.

In the days that follow your announcement, you learn just how demanding it is to plan a wedding and why there are folks out there who get paid to do it full time. Soon you’ve got a budget to set, tours booked with every available venue in town, wedding dress appointments, books on flower arrangements, and swatches on order (because who the heck knew there were so many shades of blue?!). You have a date to set, caterers to call, a guest list to make, wedding invitations to send out, vendors to hire, an engagement party to plan, alterations to be done, a menu to test, and you’re still supposed to get a few hours of sleep every night. So how do you stay sane when DIYing your wedding plan?

First, take a deep breath. Second, read through the many tips and tricks we've compiled to help you through this joyous-but-oh-so-crazy time. This guide will help you celebrate your big day while minimizing stress.

Setting Your Budget

There are several questions to consider when setting your wedding budget. Who's paying for the wedding? How many people will attend? Read our full list of things to consider when setting your budget.

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Consider a Micro Wedding

If you're on a tight budget or just prefer a more intimate celebration, consider a micro wedding. These weddings deliver all the traditional elements, but on a smaller scale. Learn more about micro weddings.

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Making a Guest List

Your guest list should include the people you most want to share your special day with. While of course you want to include those you love, it's worth remembering that the total number of attendees will greatly impact your budget including the venue you select and your reception costs. Sit down with your S.O. and determine together how many people you want to invite. Start your guest list with those closest to you and then work your way down the list from there.

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Unique Wedding Registry Ideas

Instead of a gravy boat you'll never use, consider adding services to your wedding registry. You can ask guests to contribute to your wedding budget or to cover decorating, setup, cleanup services and more.

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Choosing a Venue

When choosing the venue for your wedding, consider the number of guests, how you will arrange seating, if the venue fits the theme of your wedding, and the total cost of the venue. Also remember that decor can totally transform a space. Search Pinterest for wedding decor inspiration or read up on our indoor and outdoor decorating tips.

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Creating a Beautiful Reception

There are simple, affordable ways to create a beautiful wedding reception that your guests will love. From decor to dinner, a reception is perhaps the most complex part of planning a wedding. Finding local vendors and help can keep costs down and provide the assistance you need to create a flawless event.

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Stay on Budget with Affordable Help

Wedding planners, decorators, and other professionals can cost a pretty penny. Most couples choose to save money by doing the work themselves or enlisting friends and family. When you need an extra set of hands at an affordable price, you can find fast help on Takl. Takl lets you choose a background-checked Provider for hundreds of small tasks like hanging décor, cleaning, and even custom jobs like setting up an event. The app shows you the prices up front so that you can stay on budget.

We know you’ve got a lot of appointments on the books, especially so close to the big day. With Takl, you choose the time that works for you. You can even find help the same day you need it.

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