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You may already have a venue in mind before making your guest list, or you might look for a place to accommodate your friends and family. Your venue will also likely relate to your wedding theme if you have one. Keep in mind that the larger and more popular a venue, the higher the price.

Some affordable venue options include:

· A local church, especially if you or your S.O are members.

· Your home or a friend/family member’s home.

· A local park or city-owned property.

· Your own beautiful backyard.

One you've chosen your venue, it's time to plan the decorating.

Backyard Wedding Décor Ideas

A backyard wedding is a great way to celebrate your marriage with friends and family while saving money. You can have your wedding in a space that’s important to you while cutting costs. Here are some DIY backyard wedding décor ideas to try:

· Upgrade the garden — A gorgeous garden not only offers colorful, green décor, but adds value and enjoyment that lasts well beyond the wedding day. Have flowers planted for natural pops of color. Spruce things up by weeding, adding mulch, and trimming the shrubs or hedges.

· Use potted plants — Don’t want to spend tons of money on flowers that will quickly wilt away? Incorporating potted plants is a great way to add green décor to your wedding with plants that can easily be repurposed later. This is also a good solution if conditions are too hot or unfavorable for planting. You can line the aisle with potted plants, use them to enhance the background, or arrange them as table decorations. Flowers are of course an option, but other ideas include cacti and succulents. Add hanging plants to draw the eye upward and bring visual balance to your space.

· Incorporate the pool — If you have a pool, you can incorporate it into your wedding décor. Rather than see it as space to avoid or ignore, the pool can actually enhance the look of your wedding. You can create an elegant waterscape in a few easy steps. Add floating elements such as roses, lanterns, and biodegradable floating balloons. Lights placed along the edge of the pool will reflect off the water, doubling the impact. You can even have a bridge installed over the pool. In a unique custom Takl chore, a Provider dismantled such a bridge as part of the post-wedding cleanup. Don’t worry about what you’ll do with it after. A Provider can haul it away!

· Light the way — Planning an evening outdoor wedding? Add flameless tea candles along the aisle, paper lanterns that double as art, or strings of light across an arch. Solar pathway lights illuminate the yard and garden and can be used around seating, the aisle, and anywhere else you like. Vertical strings of lights in the trees add an ephemeral effect. The lighting you choose can cast different shapes and colors to fit with your wedding theme. Good lighting not only helps set the aesthetic tone of your wedding, but lets guests dance and dine late into the evening.

· Build a gazebo — A gazebo can make a wonderful addition to any yard or garden. If you already have one, a pressure washing or fresh coat of paint can make an older gazebo look as good as new. If you don’t have a gazebo yet, find local help to have it built in just a few hours. Next, hang a few curtains, flowers, and lights to create a gorgeous addition to your wedding.

Décor for Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

· Stylishly eclectic seating — Why buy hundreds of fold-up chairs you’ll never use again (unless you want to host the world’s largest game of musical chairs)? You can make use of the chairs in your home, borrowed from friends and family, and picked up secondhand for a bargain, all without worrying whether they match.

The secret to making eclectic seating look stylish is all in how you arrange them. Space out your mismatched chairs in ways that create visual interest, but not chaos. Create patterns such and pops of color. Eclectic and elegant can coexist. You can even throw in some pews and benches. Don’t be afraid to mix woods and metals, either.

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· Add an arch — Arches are an affordable way to designate entrances, line the aisle, or create a beautiful backdrop for exchanging vows. Have an arch assembled and decorated ahead of the big day.

· Roll out an aisle runner — You can easily create visual balance by including an aisle runner. Add an aisle runner to an outdoor wedding to create symmetry and determine the borders of your décor. You can also use an aisle runner indoors to draw the eye to the front of the room.