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The kids are out of school. Summer break has arrived, and that means there’s plenty of free time for that to-do list, right? Ha. Yeah, right! There are graduations, weddings, family vacations, a lawn to keep watered, dogs to keep cool, guests flying in, foods to grill, and a house to keep clean despite every kid in the neighborhood raiding the pantry.

Don’t worry. Whether you’re looking to achieve pool/patio harmony, keep your lawn and garden green through the summer, create an indoor retreat from the heat, or sell your home for top dollar, these summer house ideas can help you out.

Summer House Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Looking to make a big impact on a small budget? Try these fast, affordable outdoor furniture ideas for alfresco dining, catching some sun, unwinding with a good book, or enjoying time with those you love.

· Add a bench swing

· Have furniture from Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, Craigslist, or a garage sale delivered

· Pressure wash furniture to have it looking like new

· Repaint Adirondack chairs to give them new life

This Takl user had her chairs repainted for a fresh pop of color.

· Have patio furniture assembled and arranged

· Add an all-weather rug

· Create your own shade with a big beautiful umbrella or a gazebo

This Takl user had their gazebo assembled to enhance their outdoor space.

· Change up your look with new outdoor cushions

· Have the pool cleaned with Build Your Own Job

· Keep your lawn and garden looking good

Summer House Interior Decorating Ideas

Who says you have to go to the beach to a tropical retreat? Creating an incredible summer house interior lets you express your beach vibe all year round if you want.

Try these easy (but awesome) summer furniture ideas for the interior:

· Use light colors like white and tan pieces

· Add pops of bright colors with pillows and curtains

· Paint an accent piece a sunny yellow or bright blue

· Have wicker furniture delivered and arranged for a coastal aesthetic

· Go for a nautical vibe with a woven ottoman or accent chair

Complete your summer-themed home decorating with these ideas:

· Create a gallery wall of oceanic views

· Paint the walls a dark blue or sandy tan

· Place a wavy blue rug to bring the sea inside

· Hang baskets on the wall to add texture

· Incorporate tropical accents like indoor plants

· Add an indoor swing

· Have your TV mounted to get a high-def view of any coast

· Have the windows cleaned to let in the daylight

· Have elegant glass or lantern-like lighting installed

Preparing the Ultimate Summer House Party

Whether you’re hosting small dinners outdoors or a full-blown backyard wedding, planning an event can feel overwhelming. You can simplify the process by dividing up duties and finding help for some of the following:

· Prep the guest rooms with a thorough cleaning

· Have patio/deck, siding, fence, driveway, and mailbox pressure washed

· Add fresh paint to the deck, front door, or fence*

This Takl user added serious curb appeal with a quick and easy Takl painting job.

· Have a fire pit delivered or moved

· Have patio furniture delivered and/or assembled

· Find hourly help or create a custom chore for event setup

· Have outdoor lights hung

· Get your grill cleaned or have a new one assembled

· Book cleaning and junk removal for after the party

Home Improvements for Lowering Energy Costs in the Summer

When the heat goes up, we crank up the AC. While this can help keep you comfortable away from the summer sun, high energy costs aren’t doing your wallet or Mother Nature any favors. Try these simple home improvements to reduce energy costs in the summer.

· Keep cool with new ceiling fans

· Replace window AC units with a more energy-efficient model

· Change HVAC filters for cleaner air and increased efficiency

· Have a smart thermostat installed

· Clear junk from the garage so you can park inside

· Have a rain barrel delivered. Use Build Your Own Job to have it set up.

This Takl user used “Build Your Own Job” to have a rain barrel installed.

Looking for more ways to save energy? Get more energy-saving ideas here.

Custom Chores for Your Summer House Ideas

Already have a great idea in mind, but need some help making it reality? Takl’s “Build Your Own Job” lets you create custom chores. These Takl users thought to make an outdoor pool for their labs! They’ll enjoy that during the dog days of summer.

Find fast help for hundreds of small jobs and chores on Takl. You choose the background-checked Provider. You choose the time. Experience how easy it is to Takl your small jobs and chores. What home improvements will you make this summer?

*Not all services available in all areas.