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Are you hoping to host Thanksgiving with your sanity intact? Between all the planning and the stresses unique to family gatherings, this holiday can take its toll. Don’t worry. This guide offers step-by-step instructions for hosting the ultimate Thanksgiving this year.

Step One: Find a Table Big Enough for All

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No one likes getting banished to the kids’ table, and do you really want guests eating on your couch (the stains!)? Whether you’re hosting Friendsgiving or an all-out family reunion, make sure your table(s) can accommodate everyone. Here are some tips for finding the perfect dining table for your Thanksgiving:

·      Drop-leaf tables allow you to extend your everyday table when needed.

·      Folding tables store compactly so you can tuck them away the rest of the year.

·      Tablecloths can transform the look of any table and help defend against stains.

·      If you’re short on space, ask friends, family, and neighbors if you can borrow some tables and chairs for the day.

·      Buy folding patio furniture on clearance in the fall. Who says it can’t be used inside, too?

·      Shop flea markets and second-hand stores for vintage and antique finds on a budget.

·      Skip the hassle of finding a truck when you find same-day furniture pickup and delivery (available in most markets).

Step Two: Get the Kitchen Ready

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Prep the kitchen for plenty of cooking, warming, and serving.

·     Organize cabinets to clear off your countertops, creating more prep space.

·      Have plenty of pots, pans, mixing spoons, aprons, and oven mitts on hand.

·      Create additional prep space by having the outdoor grill cleaned or assembled.

·     Organize the pantry so everyone knows where to find what they need quickly and easily.

·      Clean out the fridge or pantry and throw away any expired items.

·      Have new appliances installed to cook more at the same time and update your kitchen’s style.

·      Buy frozen, canned, and other goods with a long shelf-life before the grocery stores get crazy.

·     Clean the entire kitchen to make sure it’s ready for guests.

·      Make sure you have all the dinnerware that you need. Have a new dishwasher installed to make cleanup faster or have someone help with the dishes so you don’t have to go it alone.

Step Three: Get the Guest Rooms Ready

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·      Have guest rooms painted to bring new life to the space.

·      If no one’s used the guest room in ages, tidy up by dusting and vacuuming.

·      Change the linens if needed.

·      Have beds assembled/setup for overnight guests and for those post-Thanksgiving naps.

·     Hang curtains for privacy and blackout shades to make the room darker.

Step Four: Clean the Entire House

You might wonder, “Do I really have to clean the entire house?” We both know the answer is yes because we both know Mom can spot even the smallest smudge a mile away. This step feels pretty daunting when you think of doing everything at once, especially if you’re a team of one. Let’s break it down into bite-size steps:

·      Divide and conquer. Have every member of the household divvy up the cleaning. Maybe each person takes on a specific room or is responsible for one specific task for the entire house. You can also find on-demand help for cleanings of any size, from a single room or task to the entire home.

·      In the weeks and days leading up to Thanksgiving, organize and clean out the most cluttered parts of the home. Don’t even skip the closets or garage, because we all have that nosy relative who will explore every nook and cranny. Have junk hauled away to kiss that clutter goodbye once and for all.

·      The weekend before Thanksgiving, do some exterior cleaning like pressure washing your fence, driveway, deck, and siding.

·     Have the windows washed to let more light into your home.

Step Five: Keep Everyone Entertained

·     Have pet waste removed so the yard is clear for a round of family football or tag with the kids.

·      If you have the space, designate different TVs to different channels. No more fighting over what to watch. You can have your TVs mounted to enjoy football games and Hallmark movies at the optimal angle.

·     Have a new sound bar installed to turn up the TV and drown out your uncle snoring in the recliner chair.

Step Six: Find Help for the Cleanup

Now that you’ve successfully hosted Thanksgiving, it’s time to give yourself a break. Find local help on Takl for help with that post-Thanksgiving cleanup.