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A lot goes into selling a home. It’s easy to overlook something in all the chaos of moving, but even small jobs and chores can ultimately help sell your home for top dollar. Keep these tips in mind to make your house stand out from the competition.

Create captivating curb appeal.

Ensure your house makes a good first impression. A green lawn, colorful flowers, and a freshly-washed exterior help you stand out from the competition. Touch up windows, doors, and trim with fresh paint.* Pressure wash windows, the mailbox, deck, and driveway to get them looking good as new. Sweep the front porch and walkway, too. Want to catch a buyer’s eye? HGTV recommends using boxwoods, nandina, hydrangeas and more for instant curb appeal when selling your home. Providers on Takl can deliver potted plants, assist with handyman chores, and tend to your lawn and yard.

Make it shine.

The exterior gets buyers in the door, but your interior seals the deal. A clean room creates a sense of welcome, inviting buyers to picture your house as a home. Do more than run the vacuum. Dust the undersides of furniture, and don’t forget baseboards and moldings. Clean your windows and replace any burnt-out bulbs to maximize brightness throughout the house.

Optimize storage.

Clutter signals to buyers that your house may not have the space or storage needed to comfortably fit their belongings. Highlight every inch of your home and get a head start on packing by organizing your closets, attic, pantry, and garage. Haul away any unwanted items preventing your space from looking its best.

Stage your furniture.

Design does more than convey your aesthetic. The right staging maximizes your home’s appeal, illustrating both function and flow. A report from the National Association of Realtors found that the right staging can increase the selling price of your house. Simply rearranging your furniture or updating the paint color can bring new life to a space.

Make small, impactful updates.

Replace dated hardware and fixtures with new ones for a small change that makes a big impact. Short on time or need some help? Find fast, local help for small repairs and more.

Make repairs before listing.

Prospective buyers pay close attention to even the smallest details. Have crooked doors and cabinets set right, holes patched and painted, and other small repairs completed before showing your home.

Use same-day service, because time is money.

The longer your home is on the market, the more you’ll pay in monthly mortgage costs, utility bills, and other expenses which eat into your profit margin. Plus, the longer a home stays on the market, the more likely it is you’ll have to lower your asking price to incentivize buyers. Finishing the above checklist as soon as possible can help you get the best price for your home. Handymen and stagers can sometimes take weeks to book. Find same-day home services on Takl for small repairs, moving chores, handyman jobs, hourly help, cleaning, yard work, delivery, organization and even custom chores.

The final step.

The work’s not done until closing day has come and gone. The buyer may request a list of repairs to be completed prior to closing. Even minor repairs such as doors and windows that don’t open/close properly, rotten wood to be replaced, and change of hardware can add up. When a buyer submits a list of such repairs, the homeowner has only a short window of time in which to complete the agreed-upon repairs or else it could affect the closing. It’s hard to make time in the middle of a move, and contractors may be booked several weeks out. Use Takl’s on demand home services to schedule affordable same-day repairs and other chores by background-checked Providers.

*Not all services available in all areas.