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Want to give visiting friends and family a space to call their own while in town? We’ll show you how to create an awesome guest room whether you have a spare bedroom or need to create a multifunctional space.

If You Have a Spare Bedroom

Create a guest room that lets your friends and family get plenty of R&R.

·  Paint the walls a soothing color. Paint makes a world of difference in any room. In a bedroom, it’s important to choose calming colors that will promote rest. Sleep.org recommends blue, grays, and neutrals as these help to lower blood pressure and heart rate. Painting is a big job, so don’t be afraid to hire local painting help.*

·      Block out unwanted light. You can also help guests have a good night’s rest when you find a handyman on Takl install a curtain rod, blackout curtains, and blackout shades.

·      Give guests a place to store their things. Have bedroom furniture delivered and assembled. At the very least, you’ll need a bedframe and decent mattress. Guests will also appreciate a wardrobe or a dresser so they don’t have to live out of a suitcase. You can also add a chair for evening reading or even as an accent piece.

·      Plan your furniture arrangement. Arrange furniture in a way that keeps paths clear so guests can easily get in and out of bed, open drawers, and get up in the night without bumping into things every few feet. Also leave some wall sockets exposed so guests can charge their phones, laptops, etc. If this can’t be done, use an extension cord to give them an outlet. A Provider on Takl can rearrange your existing furniture when you book an on-site moving chore.

·      Add distinctive style. Art is an affordable way to bring character and style to the room. A Provider can hang the art that you need, from a single picture to an entire gallery wall.

·      Don’t forget the finishing touches. Include a mirror so guests can get ready in the morning. This doesn’t need to take up much space. Have it mounted to the wall or find a mirror that can hang over the door. You can also look for wardrobes that include a full length mirror. Place a clock on the nightstand and a lamp within reach of the bed.

If You Don’t Have a Dedicated Bedroom

Even if you don’t have a spare bedroom right now, you may not have to undergo an expensive addition to your home to create a guest room. Here are ways to create guest space in your home:

·      Declutter a storage room. Do you have a storage room, such as a home office you never use or a finished basement? It may be this room is so full of boxes and miscellany that converting this into a usable space seems like an impossible task. You can clear out the clutter for an affordable price when you find local organizing and junk removal help on Takl. You’ll be amazed what you can do with the reclaimed square footage.

·     Add a Murphy bed. If you have a hobby room such as a craft room or sewing room, this space can double as a guest room during the holidays. Wall beds are a great way to turn the home office into a multifunctional space without taking up much room once your guests return home.

·      Use a comfortable sleeper sofa. Do you have a bonus room or finished basement? The old pull-out sofa method doesn’t mean your guests have to sacrifice comfort for sleep. Find a pull-out sleeper couch that offers comfort in all forms, whether you’re watching TV or the in-laws come to town.

·      Keep an air mattress on hand. Before you roll your eyes, air mattresses have come a long way from the inflatable rocks you remember from sleep-away camp. Investing in a truly comfortable air mattress allows you to turn any part of your home into a guest room as needed, and once it’s time to put it away, it takes up far less space than a Murphy bed or sleeper sofa. Plus, you can take it with you for your own use when you travel.

Before Guests Arrive

Minimize stress and maximize time with your guests by making sure everything's taken care of before they arrive.

·      Clean the whole room. Have the room dusted, vacuumed, the bed linens changed, and a new air filter put in. Find local cleaning help for individual chores or hourly help for multiple chores in a single appointment on Takl.

*Not all services available in all regions.

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