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The new year is almost here. Before you set your New Year’s resolutions, you’ll want to take some steps to ensure you achieve them. Check out the following tips to make this the year that you meet your goals.

How many people break their New Year’s resolution?

80% of people fail their New Year’s goal by February, according to U.S. News & World Report. That means just one in five people will continue their resolution beyond two months. Why do so many of us fall short of our goals? One reason, U.S. News states, is that change often causes discomfort in the form of fatigue, frustration, and self-discipline. Strategies to overcome this discomfort include:

·      Starting small. Instead of deciding you want to become the world’s greatest yogi right off the bat, set a goal to go to one yoga class a week. Start with a goal you know you can achieve. This will give you a foundation of confidence, commitment, and skill if you decide to ramp up your goals later on.

·      Setting quarterly goals. Maybe you have a big goal you want to reach by the end of the year. Quarterly goals help you work up to the bigger goal while still giving you concrete milestones to reach. Use quarterly goals to pace yourself and work up to your big dream.

·      Having an accountability partner. This might mean finding a personal fitness instructor, a life or career coach, a writers’ group, a book club, or heading to the gym with your best friend. You could also enroll in a class. Having someone to answer to besides yourself can help you sustain motivation or get that extra push you need when your self-discipline goes MIA.

Another critical factor is that many goals require dedicated time people simply don’t have or don’t set aside. An Inc. article cites a survey of 2000 people whose top 2019 resolutions included:

·      Dieting or eating healthier

·      Exercising more

·      Learning a new skill or hobby

·      Reading more

·      Spending more time with family and friends

To achieve these resolutions, you need to dedicate time specifically for your goal. Eating healthier might mean being more selective at the grocery store, learning and cooking healthy recipes, and sitting down for meals instead of eating on the go. Mayo Clinic recommends a minimum fitness goal of exercising 30 minutes every day. Learning a new hobby or skill might require time to attend classes, watch how-to videos, and practice what you learn. Reading more means spending more time with your books. Bonding with loved ones also means making more time for family and friends.

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