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Weather too cold or nasty to go outside? Here are some ways to make the most of the day when you’re stuck inside.

Create an at-home gym.

Studies show that exercise helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even the risk of some cancers. It also boosts your mental and emotional health, improves sleep, and can even help you live longer. So with all those benefits, why aren’t we all rushing off to the gym?

Many of us do, at first, but then there’s the snow and the cold and the traffic.

Save yourself money on gym memberships and the hassle of commuting. Creating an at-home gym is easier and more affordable than you might think.

Start by finding the equipment that matches your health goals. But what should you do when assembling a new treadmill or stationary bike proves more of a challenge than your actual workout? This delays your health goals and can cause your motivation to decline. Moving the heavy piece to the exact part of the house you want it in can also cause trouble. Takl your assembly, delivery, or moving chore to get your home-gym set up quickly and easily.

Update your home.

When you’re stuck inside, you tend to pay more attention to any issues that previously went unnoticed. You might wonder when the door started creaking so loudly. Have the walls always been this color? The couch would function much better facing another direction or in another part of the room. And when did the garage become a storage facility instead of a place to keep the cars?

Making important updates and changes can help you love your home even more. Here are some of the easiest, most affordable ways to enhance your home:

·      Make small repairs like fixing creaking or crooked doors, leveling the washer and dryer, adjusting furniture drawers, repairing interior molding/trim, or patching and painting.

·      Update fixtures and hardware by changing out cabinet knobs, doorknobs, light fixtures, or ceiling fans.

·      Paint an accent wall, repaint a room, or update the trim.

·      Paint or assemble a new accent piece.

·      Rearrange your existing furniture.

·      Find a great piece of furniture secondhand and have it delivered.

·      Change out the curtains and drapes.

·      Have pictures and wall art hung.

·      Add functional space by organizing a room and hauling off junk.

As you notice all the updates you want to make, your to-do list might get a lot longer, a lot faster than you expected. You might not have the tools, the knowledge, or the time to get it all done. Don’t be afraid to call in reinforcements. You can Takl the chores listed above and much more.*

Host a game night.

Game nights are an easy and inexpensive way to bring friends and family together. You don’t have to limit your games to cards or board games, either. Have a foosball, air hockey, or pool table assembled by a Provider on Takl so you can focus on having fun.

Try new recipes.

If you’re stuck inside, you might as well whip up something delicious. Take the chance to try some new recipes out. You can also use this time for family bonding by getting everyone to help in the kitchen. Hoping to take your culinary skills to the next level this winter? Have a new oven installed by a Provider on Takl. You can book a dishwashing chore in the Cleaning category or have a dishwasher installed for easy cleanup.

Watch a movie or show together.

Movie nights and tv marathons can save money on theater costs, not to mention keep you out of the cold. Bring cinema quality right to your own home when you set up a home theater. Here are a few easy ways to enhance your television setup:

·     Have the TV mounted

·      Add a sound bar

·      Set up surround-sound

Need help transforming your indoor space? Find a Provider quickly and easily at Takl.com or on the free mobile app.

*Not all services available in all regions.