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Whether due to venue limitations or a simple desire to stick to a specific number of guests, you might have to whittle down your list from everyone you’ve ever met. You and your S.O. will want to tackle this task together.

Set aside time to sit down and write your list starting with the people you want most to attend. For many couples, this includes immediate family, grandparents, and best friends. Next, determine which extended family members to invite. This might include everyone from your last family reunion or only those closely related, like first cousins, aunts, and uncles depending on your preferences. You may also widen your circle of friends.

If you have a set number of guests you want to stick to, consider dividing this number in half so you and your S.O. invite the same number of people. If your list goes beyond your number, you’ll need to consider eliminating some of the “maybes.”

Sending Invitations

With so much to do, stuffing envelopes and mailing out invitations probably isn’t at the top of your list. Save time with affordable hourly help for addressing, preparing invitations, and mailing them out.

Saying Thank You to Your Guests

If you’d like to thank your guests while they’re in town for the wedding, you can have gift baskets or small favors delivered to their hotel. You can even choose the time you want to have packages delivered with on-demand delivery.

The wedding and honeymoon can feel like a whirlwind. Then you get home and there’s a big stack of thank you notes waiting for you. This can seem like an overwhelming task, especially when you’re tired from planning and travel.

Enlist some help for writing those thank-you cards. You can ask someone with superior penmanship to write for you or, if you prefer to do that part yourself, just find help for addressing, stuffing envelopes, adding stamps, and mailing everything out.