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August 1st is the Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs, otherwise knows as Dogust 1st! Give a pup the best birthday gift ever when you adopt a rescue!

The Takl platform fits into your life at every stage and is there for you during life’s major milestones. Adding a rescue dog to the family is a hugely rewarding milestone, so we’ve compiled these tips to make your new furry friend feel right at home.

Preparing to bring your pup home.

Dog House Assembly – This Takl user found a local Provider to help assemble two dog houses. 

Before you bring your rescue dog home, you can put measures in place to help him adjust. If you plan to crate-train your dog, go ahead and have the crate ready. You can find local help from a Provider on Takl if you need a crate delivered and/or assembled.

Ask what your dog’s feeding schedule has been so you can keep it consistent for at least the first few days. Keeping food and feeding time consistent helps prevent your dog from having digestive problems. Ask your rescue center what food your dog has been eating at the shelter or his foster home. Mixing in some of his current food with the new food lets you transition your dog to his new food gradually to prevent tummy trouble. Dog owners can use Takl to have dog food delivered right to their doors. Tractor Supply Company is a favorite for finding large bags of dog food at a great price!

Bring an ID tag with your contact information to put on your pup’s collar as soon as you can. If he is microchipped, you’ll want to call the chip’s company to update it with your information.

Introduce a little at a time.

When adopting a rescue dog, you’re often left guessing as to his history. He’s probably seen of a lot of changes in the last few weeks and doesn’t quite know what to make of his new environment. He may wonder if this is really his permanent home and if you, his new caretaker, will stick around.

To minimize stress, introduce a little of the home at the time. Too many things at once can overwhelm your dog. Keep him close by whenever possible, especially those first few days, in a space that’s fairly easy to clean up if nerves cause a mess or two. If the mess gets to be too much, you can Takl the cleanup. You might wish to start your dog off in the kitchen and then gradually expand his environment, letting him explore the bedrooms, the hallways, the living room, and so on, until he knows his way around. Keep him in a controlled environment, but try to avoid always using a leash. Baby-gates and temporary blockades like chairs can help him safely explore his new surroundings at his own pace.

As with the home, introduce people a few at a time. Some rescue dogs are very comfortable with people, but others might take time to build trust due to an unfortunate history with less-kind humans. Spending plenty of time with your pup and showing a lot of love and patience will go a long way to making him feel at home.

Create a pet-friendly yard.

Who's up for a smim? 🏊 We're closing out the dog days of summer with one of our favorite #Takl jobs ever! 🐶 ⛲💦 Thanks to Jen in Salem for sharing this video of her labs enjoying the pet pool her Provider put in! ⁣⁣ What custom chore will you create with Build Your Own Job? https://takl.com/build-your-own-job-day-labor/ ⁣⁣

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Before you let your dog loose in the yard, make sure your fence is solid. Replace any rotting wood, fill any openings a dog can ringle out of, secure the gate, and stabilize any loose posts. Not sure how or don’t have the time to repair the fence yourself? Takl it.

Some dogs see running away from you as a game. Left unsupervised or taken to an open area, this could put your new dog in danger. Rescues also might try to run due to the stress of not knowing what to expect. It takes time for them to feel secure in the fact that your home is theirs, too. Some dogs may also need time to regain their energy and playful spirit. Just let your rescue know that the yard is a place where he can feel safe and have fun.

As your pet grows more accustomed to your home, he may reach the stage where he can safely come and go from the yard to the home without trying to escape. A Provider on Takl can install a pet door so your pup can enjoy the outdoors more often. You can also book one-time or recurring pet waste removal to keep the yard clear of “landmines” and ready for playtime!

You can even Takl custom chores with "Build Your Own Job." These dog owners had a small pool installed in the back yard so their labs could keep cool in the summer heat!

Get to Know Your Dog’s Personality

My rescue, Sophie, isn't shy about asking for attention.

Your dog might seem very quiet and nervous at first, but as he adjusts, you’ll start to see his real personality. My dog went from quiet and cautious to playful and vocal when she wants a walk or a belly rub. She grumbles when you cut her “Sophie time” short. Did I mention that she’s a tad spoiled?

The more you get to know your pet, the closer your bond. Dogs are a constant source of love and well worth the investment of your time and energy.

Whenever you need a helping hand for pet chores, choose a Provider on Takl at the time that works for you. You can even create a custom pet chore or find hourly help!

Looking to adopt a local rescue dog? You can search the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) database for local rescues, or pay a visit to your local shelter!