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We have really enjoyed seeing some incredible Providers hard at work over the past few months. They’ve been Takl'ing all sorts of things like housekeeping, small handyman repairs, yard work, and more! In honor of Veteran’s Day, this month’s provider spotlight features Michael. He is a well seasoned veteran and an all-star Provider.

What prompted you to you sign up to be a Provider on Takl?

I work full time doing maintenance at a local university, so I figured why not sign up for Takl to earn some extra cash? A lot of the chores are what I do on a daily basis anyways.

What jobs have you done so far?

I have done many different jobs: I’ve installed window blinds, assembled a shed, moved furniture, and assembled furniture.

What’s the chore or job you signed up for that you’re hoping you see come across?

Some auto mechanic work. I really enjoy working on vehicles. I do it as a hobby in my free time.

Where/who did you get all these skills from anyway?

Most of them I learned from my dad, he owned a construction company growing up. I grew up working every summer with him and around the house. Other stuff, I guess just over the course of life.

Tell us about your military experience.

I was in the Navy for five years stationed on CVN 77 George H. W. Bush in Virginia. I worked as an Ordnance Tech, which entails bombs, missiles, and weapons. I deployed to Afghanistan in 2009–2010 with the Army. In 2011, I deployed with CVN 77 to the Persian Gulf. I separated at the end of 2011. I missed the military life some so in 2014 I enlisted in the National Guard. I am now in the military intelligence field as a 35G. I plan on doing my 20 or more and retiring,

This Veteran’s Day we are especially thankful for our veterans like Michael who serve our country so courageously. Thank you for all that you do!

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