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From an early age, Tillery was working on anything she could. Her parents gave her the opportunity to learn many skills and jobs. With Takl, she can use her experience to help others and make some money in the process.

How did you first hear about Takl?

I saw the billboard in Brentwood on just the right day, soon after the Takl app launched. I’d seen ads about on-demand services in other cities and inquired if they would ever be offered in Nashville.

Takl has been even better than what I had hoped for. The billboard that day was a form of divine intervention for me.

What prompted you to you sign up to be a Provider on Takl?

Whether inside the office or out serving others, I’ve always found the most satisfaction in connecting with people one-on-one. I’m also motivated to help others by meeting their practical needs in short-range projects, freeing them up to accomplish their own desires. Takl has been the perfect platform to facilitate this type of relationship.

What jobs have you done so far?

Mostly cleaning & housekeeping. Some might think cleaning is the worst job in the world, but this is how I show love to others and my community.

What’s the chore or job you signed up for that you’re hoping you see come across?

I’d say seasonal decorating, for sure. I like being resourceful with what people already have and finding new creative ways to use items.

What skill did you click that your friends would be surprised to hear?

To be honest, I’m not sure there is one. Most of them would say they always see me working on some sort of project, sometimes multiple, that encompass many interests. Although I’m no “expert” or “master”, I like to think in the end, I’ve got the ability to deliver in the end, no matter what it takes. I’m the person they call when it seems like a tornado has hit their closet and needs some organization, or when the toilet paper holder keeps falling out of the wall.

Where/who did you get all these skills from anyway?

My mom & dad! Growing up they owned a landscaping and irrigation business. This including everything from pouring cement curbing, building retaining walls, digging up football fields to picking up side business hanging wallpaper & painting. As a kid, they allowed me to tag along, even though I’m sure I was in the way. Not to mention, my mom always insisted on a tidy house. Looking back, I am so thankful for that.

From an early age I heard the following phrases: “Do it right the first time”, “Make sure things are square, true & plumb”, “Leave places cleaner than when you found them”, “Don’t wait to be asked to do things”. I always work to live by those values. And I’ve always had the drive to be self-sufficient, developing most skills through trial & error.

What have you enjoyed most working with your customers?

Seeing their happy faces and sense of peace when the job is completed. Everyone I have worked with so far has been a blessing.

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