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You’ve heard of tiny homes, but what about tiny weddings? If you’re looking for a middle ground between an elopement and a big traditional wedding, learn more about micro weddings, why they’re catching on, and how to plan your own.

What is a micro wedding?

A micro wedding is an intimate wedding consisting of a small guest list up to around 20 people. An intimate wedding helps to keep things simple. This can drastically reduce the total cost of your big day, not to mention cut down on stress.

Is a micro wedding right for me?

Here are a few reasons to consider an intimate wedding:

·      You want a smaller guest list. Perhaps you’d prefer a family-only ceremony or to spend your special day with just those closest to you. A smaller guest list allows you to interact with each of your guests and truly appreciate their presence.

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·      You want to stick to a smaller budget. Whether you’re footing the bill yourself, saving to buy your first home, or just prefer to keep costs down, a micro wedding can cost considerably less than a traditional ceremony and reception. Fewer guests mean you can save on catering expenses and even choose a smaller, more intimate venue, which likely comes at a lower price than a grand ballroom.

Intimate weddings also work if you want to splurge in some areas but need to offset your budget elsewhere. Having a smaller guest list can allow you to go all-out on a favorite band or gourmet reception without skyrocketing costs.

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·      You’re planning a destination wedding. Destination weddings can make for an unforgettable experience, but the challenge of travel and accommodations can complicate the planning process. Keeping your wedding small means less to manage remotely, fewer guests flying out, and allows you to splurge on destination attractions if you wish (more on this below).

What’s the difference between micro wedding packages and DIY?

More venues now cater to weddings of all sizes, including smaller ones. The term “micro wedding” is a fairly new one, so you may see such packages labeled under “elopement package” or “intimate wedding package.” Some venues even offer different price points for smaller weddings to further customize your day. Options typically include:

·      Use of venue for a few hours in the afternoon or evening

·      A bouquet

·      An officiate

·      Seating for up to 20 guests

Some packages may also include a place for a short reception and access to a photographer. Many packages can be customized, for example if you already have an officiant and just want to use the venue itself. Research local event spaces, family farms, and B&Bs to find micro wedding packages near you.

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Since you’re keeping things small, you may wish to do your own DIY planning. Backyard ceremonies let you experience the big day at a place that’s meaningful to you, and you can customize it to whatever you want. If you need a venue on short notice, backyard weddings also fit the bill, as do churches or venues you have direct connections to.

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DIYers should keep in mind, however, the time and energy required for setup and cleanup. A simpler wedding doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Find help on Takl in over 130 cities across the U.S. Background-checked Providers can help with all kinds of jobs like setting tables, hanging décor, setting up and breaking down equipment, and even cleaning up after. Every chore is pre-priced, making it easy to stick to your budget. Get started at Takl.com or in the free mobile app!