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One reason we love birthdays and holidays is the chance they offer to show loved ones how much we care for and appreciate them. We often do this by gifting something we hope makes them smile. Some years, though, stuff proves more of a burden than a joy.

There are several reasons someone may request alternative or non-stuff gifts. They could be short on space or just have everything they need and then some. Additional items might just make for additional clutter. This doesn't mean you have to skip the gifts completely, but does require thinking outside the pre-wrapped box. Don't worry! We’ve compiled a gift guide for all the minimalists, KonMari-converts, and other folks in your life who don’t want material gifts this year.

Gift Ideas for Tight Spaces

Dealing with an apartment, tiny-home, or other tight space? Gifting digital items like e-books or digital gift cards provides entertainment with no physical clutter. You can also gift experiences/services like a mini-spa day, dinner out, or send someone to help clear out the junk and/or organize that tight space.

Gifts for Musicians and Artists

Know someone who can talk for hours about a favorite artist? Whether they’re a creative or a lover of the fine arts, there are lots of ways you can support their passion this holiday season. Gift a museum membership, concert tickets, or art/music lessons so they can take their skills further. Know someone who loves artwork, framed vinyl albums, or concert posters but never has them hung? Get those pictures out of storage and up off the floor! Have wall art mounted by a local Provider, often as soon as the very same day. Providers bring their own tools, so there’s no hammer needed.

Holiday Gifts for Busy Bees

This describes so many people: parents trying to keep the house together between chauffeuring the kids from one activity to the next; students preparing for final exams or winter graduation; entrepreneurs in the middle of the holiday rush. Help the busy bee in your life by finding help for things they never have time for, or by giving them a rest from the to-do list. Find help for custom jobs, cleaning, yard work, handyman chores, pet care and more on Takl.

Gift Ideas that Help the Family

Help family members with the things they don’t have time for or can’t do themselves. During the holidays, this might include chores such as getting out and setting up the Christmas tree, putting up lights, or hanging wreaths. You can also give help year-round by setting up recurring housekeeping, lawn mowing, pet waste removal, or booking chores on-demand for hundreds of chores on Takl. Hourly Help is a great way to get lots of small jobs and chores knocked out in one appointment. Build Your Own Job lets you find help for exactly what you need by creating a custom job.

Gifts for Self-care

While you’re busy looking after everyone else, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Stress can lead to feeling overwhelmed or run down, which makes it even harder to enjoy the celebrations with those you love. Takl’s here when you need a helping hand. You choose the time that works for you. You choose the background-checked, local Provider.

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