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From mounting TVs, assembling furniture, and home cleaning, Sean has Takl’d just about everything. He knows the value of hard work and really enjoys helping out his customers. We recently spoke with Sean and he gave us some great insight into what it is like being a top Provider using the Takl platform.

How did you first hear about Takl?

In February of 2017, I was scrolling through some jobs listings online looking for some part time work as a maintenance technician at an apartment complex or business, when I saw an ad for a platform where you have the ability to work your own hours and be your own boss. Little did I know that this one day would be what would change the course my life.

What prompted you to you sign up to be a Provider on Takl?

When I decided to go back to school full time, I needed a new source of income where I would still be able to focus on school. I’m majoring in neuroscience and the classes and workload take up so much of my time! After doing my research on Takl and reading what the platform offered, I signed up right away, hoping that this could be the right opportunity that I had been waiting for.

What jobs have you done so far?

I have done pretty much every job that Takl has to offer. There have been plenty of haul away jobs that I’ve been able to do, as well as various tv mountings, artwork hanging, furniture assembly, caulking, and even home cleaning! I have also completed a plethora of custom jobs ranging from feeding and changing the litter for some cats (which was one of my favorite chores, those cats were so cute!) to lowering an armoire off of a second story balcony (one of the more difficult jobs I have done).

What’s the chore or job you signed up for that you’re hoping you see come across?

Since I’ve done so many jobs, I really have done everything that I could have hoped to do. However, my absolute favorite chores to do are tv mounting and artwork hanging. After measuring three or four times, finally putting the screws in the wall and mounting the piece, there’s something extremely satisfying to me about putting my level up and watching that bubble land dead center.

What skill did you click that your friends would be surprised to hear?

Most of my friends know how capable I am and how many different things I can do. But to someone who doesn’t know me so well, I would say that event setup would be one that surprises them the most. I am very good at knowing where things should be placed and how to get the best possible feel of the venue. But if I’m not needed for the planning of it, I will always listen to directions very carefully and I can problem solve just about anything!

Where/who did you get all these skills from anyway?

I have a very wide skill set, from sewing to fine carpentry. I have obtained my skills from so many different amazing people in my life. I like to think that I inherited my organization skills from my grandpa and my mom, when someone tells us that a certain amount of boxes or items can’t fit into a space, we’ll prove them wrong every single time! All of my handyman skills have come from my uncle and my great grandma. My uncle, being a general contractor, taught me so much from a very young age. Gram was the type of lady who would be up on her roof replacing shingles at 80 years old! I was so lucky to have been there helping with various things around her home. I was also lead technician for a handyman company for a few years before going back to school. Every day that I worked there was a learning experience.

What have you enjoyed most working with your customers?

I just love that everyone that I meet is so nice and generous. I can honestly say that every single chore I have done has went so smoothly since I’ve had the most wonderful customers, and I don’t think that streak will end anytime soon!

Anything else you want to include?

I want to thank everyone who collaborated to put this company together, and I’d also like to thank all of the support agents who have helped me so much with every single question I’ve had! Takl has been such a great platform for me to work on, it has given me the ability to provide for my extraordinary wife, who I married this past October! Takl is something that I can use to start building the foundation for our new life together.

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