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You can plan a beautiful wedding without spending a small fortune. The first step toward staying on budget is to, of course, determine what your budget is. Here are some things to consider:

· Are you and your S.O. footing the entire bill, or will others contribute?

· Do you prefer a big ceremony with everyone you know, or a more intimate celebration? While a smaller wedding will help to cut costs, it also means fewer people to assist with decorating and cleanup, but on-demand help can fill this gap while helping you stay on budget.

· How much do you and your S.O. feel comfortable setting aside for the event?

· What is your timeline? Longer engagements mean you’ll have more time to set money aside specifically for the wedding.

· How many people do you plan to invite?

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Remember that estimates are just that, and you’ll want to reserve some money for unexpected costs. Setup, cleanup, and breakdown fees aren’t always included depending on the vendor and suppliers you choose. Look up pre-priced local help for setup, decorating, cleaning, and junk removal to account for those jobs in the budget.