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You might already know the benefits of owning a dog, but how about the perks of bringing your pup to the office? Here are three reasons to convince your boss that Fido is good for business.

Office pets can help lower stress in the workplace.

While being able to work under pressure might be a positive attribute in employees, chronic stress leads to low morale, poorer health, and less productivity. Having a dog in the office can put a smile on an employee’s face and increase the overall sense of calm. When dog owners can bring their pups to work, they also spend less time on midday commutes to let the dog out and won’t feel pressured to rush home at a certain time every day, so no need to rush out or watch the clock if an afternoon meeting goes a bit over time.

An office dog can improve teamwork.

Dogs give coworkers a reason to stop and say hello. This can generate positive conversation and improve teamwork across the office. It’s always easier to work together when all parties harbor positive feelings toward each other. The conversations and bonds a dog can spark may lead to faster decision-making and beneficial collaboration.

Pet-friendly policies boost employee satisfaction.

Small and medium-sized businesses may not have the means to compete with the benefits offered by larger companies. Allowing dogs in the workplace, however, can improve employee satisfaction with minimal cost to the company. Inc states that a PAWrometer study found 53% of employees would be more likely to stay with a company if it allowed pets in the workplace.

You also don’t have to worry about eating up employee time cleaning up after a pet. Invest in your business’s long-term success when you find fast, affordable services like pet waste removal and office cleaning. You can set up both of these chores as Recurring jobs on Takl to have a Provider tidy up weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on your needs.