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The start of summer vacation is a good time for families to inspect the house and review safety procedures. Here are a few tips for creating a safer home this summer.

Practice fire safety and check your smoke alarms.

Find a Provider on Takl to help you change out batteries or smoke alarm units.

Now that the kids are out for the summer, it’s best to review safety drills throughout the home. Practice fire and other safety drills together. Home Fire Drill Day suggests creating a designated safe spot and practicing, so everyone knows where to go. They also have suggestions for safety games you can play with the kids. It’s also a good time of year to review safety procedures for any extreme weather prone to your area.

Fire safety includes ensuring all smoke alarms work properly. The U.S. Fire Administration recommends you test your smoke alarms at least once a month and replace the batteries once or twice a year. You can update your home with additional safety features by changing out old smoke alarms with newer models. You can find a Provider on Takl to help with testing, changing out batteries, and installing new smoke detectors. Find smoke alarm battery or unit replacement in the Handyman section, use hourly installation/replacement help for changing out detectors, or bundle chores together using Build Your Own Job.

Keep the first aid kit nearby.

More people in the house means a higher likelihood that someone will get a cut or scrape. Make sure everyone in the family, including any babysitters or caretakers, know where to find the first aid kit and how to use it.

Organizations like the Red Cross can connect you to local first aid certification classes. It never hurts to be prepared!

Keep emergency contacts list up-to-date.

Update your emergency contact list in your phone or on the fridge with the correct contacts and latest contact information. Everyone should check their mobile phones’ contact lists to stay in sync. You can label emergency contacts with “ICE” (In Case of Emergency) before the contact name so all emergency contacts group together alphabetically, which will also help someone know who to contact if they need to dial for you.

Takl your dryer cleaning to reduce the risk of fire.

Reduce fire risks by having your dryer vent cleaned. Built-up lint, coupled with heat from the unit, increases flammability, therefore, you should clean your dryer vent regularly. How frequently you clean the vent depends on how many weekly loads you do. Whether you need help with an annual cleaning or you want to keep the vent clear more often, a Provider on Takl can help. If you’ve ordered a dryer vent cleaning on Takl before, you can easily reorder the chore by navigating to the “My Jobs” section of the app and selecting the previous chore from the “Past” tab.

Have security cameras & other equipment installed.

This Takl user needed a hand putting up these security cameras.
A Provider got them up and running.

Many smart home security systems offer multiple ways to protect your home with alarms, live video, remote viewing, and mobile controls that allow you to activate lights, alarms, and even lock or unlock your doors from wherever you are. Security cameras can protect the exterior of your home, and, when placed in an entryway, alert you when guests or family members arrive. Parents use features like this to stay in touch with their kids during the summer by getting alerts when the kids come back from the neighborhood pool or a friend’s house.

Fast Help for Your Summer To-Do List

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