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You know Takl as the app for finding fast help around the home, but Takl also helps people across the U.S. as they grow businesses of all sizes. In this article, we’re pleased to spotlight Takl super-users Forbes + Masters, a full-service interior design team based in Atlanta, GA. This design duo creates elegant interiors that reflect the unique spirit of every client. We were thrilled to learn more about their brand and how Takl has assisted on installation days.

Who is Forbes + Masters?

Principal interior designers Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters established a professional friendship after crossing paths on a project, later combining their bold design sense and business savvy as the Forbes + Masters team. Their brand mission is to provide personal, custom, and trusted interior design services to every client.

The team uses their years of experience to infuse their beautiful designs with the clients’ personalities and goals for the space. Each project begins by dedicating time and attention to knowing the client better. Favorite colors, collections, pieces of art and belongings reveal the clients’ individual styles.

“We do a very good job of incorporating a lot of clients’ existing items,” Masters said. “We incorporate personal artifacts of different sizes and scale, from objects gathered on travels to something as big as a couch.”

These designs reflect the distinct tastes of the homeowners but maintain a consistent elegance. Just as every client is different, the starting point differs from project to project.

“We also consider the lifestyle of each client to create a space suited to daily life,” Masters said. “Do they have children? Fur children? How is the space typically used? We focus on the client and their needs to determine how we start.”

How Forbes + Masters Grow Their Brand

Three years after forming Forbes + Masters, the duo continues to grow their business. Digital tools help them showcase their outstanding work and build brand awareness.

“Our number one goal right now is to build our brand and name,” said Masters. “We want the Forbes + Masters name to be synonymous with bold, beautiful design. Ultimately we want to build a large design firm that can service homes and businesses across the world.”

One way that Forbes + Masters grow their brand is through online awareness, exemplified by their active Instagram account (follow them @forbesmasters).

Another major part of growing their design firm includes finding fast help for jobs like hanging curtains, mounting artwork, and moving heavy furniture to make sure each project finishes on time.

Takl is affordable and convenient,” said Masters. “There’s always a place for Takl in our installs. It’s inevitable that the amount of work for installation will be underestimated. With Takl, we can get someone there within two hours or we can schedule them out. It allows us to have consistent help without having someone part-time with the company, which is a win-win situation.”

Masters offered this advice to help others get the most out of Takl:

“Definitely consider the reviews. When your Provider arrives, offer a clear and organized scope of work for that person. We’ve found that Providers respect and appreciate when directions are clear as this saves time for both parties.”

Check out some of the beautiful work Forbes + Masters completed with a little installation help from Providers below. Learn more about these awesome designers at ForbesMasters.com.

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