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Moving isn’t just a single day of loading and unloading a truck. It’s an entire process from leaving your old place to making your new home your own. All the chores that come with it can make that moving checklist feel overwhelming. Don’t worry. We’ve compiled this guide to help all the movers out there whether you’re selling a home, switching apartments, looking for flat-rate moving services, or want to find fast help with all your moving chores.

Preparing to Sell a House

Putting your home up for sale often involves a long to-do list. Ensure your house makes a good impression and stands out from the competition. Cleaning, organizing, landscaping, and staging will show your house's best qualities. Replacing dated fixtures and hardware is an affordable way to update the look of your home. Make small repairs before listing so there is less to repair after inspection and to minimize time on the market.

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Preparing for an Open House

Real estate agents and sellers alike will want to brush up on these tips for hosting an open house. Maximize the number of prospective buyers that walk through your door by choosing a sunny day most people have off. Also send out flyers, emails, and mailers to spread the word ahead of the open house. You never know who could be in the market for a house just like yours! Leave feedback cards so you can improve the house for future showings if needed. Have brochures and business cards at the ready so visitors have all the information they need and can contact you if they are interested in making an offer or scheduling a second showing.

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Preparing to Move Out of a Rental

You want to leave your rental in good shape for your landlord, but trying to get everything done in the chaos of moving can feel overwhelming. Decide what should go with you to your next home before you start packing, then have the excess items donated and junk hauled away. If you have a shipping container, trailer, or even your own trunk you'll be using to move, go ahead and load up what you can at the earliest opportunity. This gives you a clear and open space for cleaning and making any necessary repairs to the rental, such as patching and painting holes. Finally, help avoid fines by having the place cleaned throughout.

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DIY & Flat-rate Moving Services

Moving estimates take forever to collect and aren't always guaranteed. And what if you want to use your trailer or transport and just need some help with the heavy lifting? Find fast, local, flat-rate moving services and pay for only the work you need with Takl. View upfront pricing for packing, loading, moving and more right in the app. You choose the chore, the time, and the Provider.

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Easy Ways to Transform Your New Home

Now that you're moved, it's time to make your new home your own. Add personal style by painting, choosing new pieces that suit your space, installing new appliances, and transforming your outdoor space.

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