Takl is the easiest way to find same-day help with home services. Find local background checked Providers on-demand to check off your chore list.

If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably been here before:

You’re staying on top of all that running a business requires, then suddenly you are up to your neck in tasks. You need help quickly, but temporarily. Takl puts you in control, helping you find local talent the same day you need it. You choose the background-checked Provider. You choose the time that works for you. All small jobs are pre-priced so you know the cost up front with no surprises — something your budgets and CPA can appreciate.

Find temporary services for evolving needs.

The needs of a business can shift from day to day. As the head of a team or even as a solopreneur, there are plenty of times you could use a helping hand for temporary services, but where do you go to for handyman help, unexpected tasks, or other temporary staffing that’s too small for a temp agency? Takl is the go-to solution for finding fast, direct business help for everything from hourly temp work to custom chores. Here are some of the ways businesses across the U.S. are using Takl to get more done and advance their goals.

Find help to set up shop.

Moving to or setting up a new office? Providers on Takl have helped many offices and stores prepare to open their doors.

One tooth-aligner delivery company used Takl for fast help with office setup including cleaning, painting*, mounting TVs, hanging neon signs, delivering pieces, and assembling office furniture. Other offices have used Takl to create a welcoming lobby, move furniture from one location to another, haul away old office furniture or move it to storage, set up conference rooms, and to set up technology such as printers, Wi-Fi and more.

Use Takl to grow your business, even in other cities.

Want to tangibly reach out to clients in different cities without the time and expense of travel? Takl has people where you don’t. Takl’s Delivery/Pick-up category is helping companies connect with businesses on a local level all while managing the chore remotely. Business owners use Takl to deliver cakes and gifts to clients in other cities, to distribute business cards and flyers to relevant contacts, and so much more. Takl helps you expand your company’s outreach right from your phone or desktop.

Use Takl for interior decorating, staging, and real estate.

There’s nothing like being under a tight deadline, especially when it comes to preparing a home to be shown. Realtors recommend Takl to clients to find help for home staging, fixture and hardware updates, quick repairs and more. Interior designers can find same-day help for everything from hanging pictures to delivering furniture. Takl has even been used to find help for vacation rental needs like delivery, hanging rods, hourly maintenance, and small repairs.

Learn how interior design company Forbes + Masters use Takl to help on installation day.

The Help You Choose at the Time You Choose

Takl puts the power of choice in your hands. You choose the pre-priced chore that meets your needs. You choose the time that works for your schedule. You even choose the background-checked Provider. Review available Providers’ skill sets, customer reviews, star ratings, and even see what kinds of Takl jobs they’ve completed so you can make an informed decision.

Learn more about Providers on Takl like Billy G. from Nashville:

Book with Peace of Mind

Every job on the Takl platform is backed by the Takl Guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll work with you to make it right.

Our support team is also available 7 days a week to assist you at support.takl.com.

You really can find help for almost any small job.

Here are some of the hundreds of ways Takl has helped businesses and solopreneurs across the country.

· New desks assembled and old ones hauled away

· Blinds cleaned

· Office dusted

· Floors swept and mopped

· Trash removed

· Moved from office to home and vise-versa

· Papers sorted and filed

· Items moved to storage

· Windows cleaned

· Pictures hung

· Curtain rods hung

· Shelves assembled

· Filing folders hung

· TVs mounted in conference room

· Outlet covers installed

· Wires hidden

· Walls painted*

· Chairs assembled

· Entry made welcoming for customers

· Bundt cakes delivered

· Business cards/flyers distributed

· Documents delivered

· Hourly help found

Think of Takl as Your On-Demand Temp Agency for Businesses

We know business owners wear many different hats and, at times, you and your team could use an extra set of hands. Some businesses only need help a few times a year, often around certain seasons or holidays, or might need someone for just a few hours. Using a temp agency can be a time-consuming and costly solution when all you really need is someone to pitch in for a short bit of time or for one specific task. That’s where Takl comes in.

Takl lets you find help for what you need, when you need it. All Takl jobs are pre-priced, so you know exactly what you will pay up front. Use the Hourly Help category to book a background-checked Provider for a set block of time, from as little as one hour up to seven. This is a great way to find help for several jobs to be completed back to back. You can also use Build Your Own Job to create a custom chore for one flat price.

Use Takl to find cleaning, assembly, installation services and more for your business!

Here are some more ways you can Takl those lingering office tasks. Find help for:

· Hourly secretary or assistant

· Event set up

· Stuffing envelopes

· Printing and mailing flyers

· Delivering letters/documents with Courier Services

· Installing light fixtures

· Hanging office décor

· Pressure washing a driveway, patio, or exterior

· Organizing files, boxes, cabinets, rooms

· Have a wall, door, or exterior painted*

· Handyman help from gutter cleaning to replacing door knobs

· Junk removal

· Looking after the office dog with pet sitting or pet waste removal

· Mowing the office grounds

· Clearing sidewalks of snow and leaves

· Planting

· Mulching

· Fertilizing

· Weeding

· Tree trimming

· Tree planting

· Watering plants

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*Not all services available in all areas.