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If you’re a real estate agent, an open house can draw traffic to your listing. Turn curious eyes into prospective buyers with these tips.

Choose a day people have off.

Most open houses are held on the weekend to catch the attention of people out enjoying their free time. Sometimes open houses are also held on holidays like Memorial Day to catch people out and about, including people who may be looking to move to the area.

Aim for sunshine.

Check the weather and aim for a sunny day when possible. House hunters might not want to venture out in rain or snow.

Have the home cleaned.

Whether a single room needs to be tidied quickly the morning of the open house or you want the whole house cleaned, make sure the home is ready to welcome visitors. First impressions are everything, and house hunters will be on the lookout for any signs the home hasn’t been cared for.

Spread the word.

Send an email blast, print and distribute flyers, and send a mail-out so the community knows to put this open house on their calendars. Not only might you attract prospective buyers directly, but you never know whose friend or family member might want a home just like yours!

Have brochures ready.

Prospective buyers will have questions, plus you’ll want to highlight the home’s best features. Have brochures on hand at the open house so they can learn more about the listing. They can also take this information with them to mull over or share with others who might be interested.

Place feedback cards for house hunters.

If something can be improved, it’s best to know it early. Feedback cards offer the chance to address any concerns or improve the house for future visitors.

Sweeten the deal.

Have sweet treats picked up and delivered for visitors. It never hurts to put them in a good mood!

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