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You know that feeling you get when your apartment looks so neat and tidy that it should be in a magazine? Then you remember that it won’t stay that way. Homes are meant to be lived in and that means they won’t always look like a showroom, but there are small, easy changes you can make that will help keep your apartment tidy.


In some ways, small spaces take more effort to keep tidy than larger ones. That’s because less storage and less space offer fewer places to hide our mess. Remember stuffing all your clutter into empty drawers and closets as a kid when Mom came to inspect your room? That’s harder to do when your tiny closet barely holds a vacuum. Organizing might sound like a monumental task, but once you’ve got it done, life gets so much easier. No more wondering why you only have one shoe by the door, where you left your keys, or when you last washed that jacket on your bedroom floor. Don’t let fear of the chore keep you from organizing. You can find a local organizing guru right on the Takl app and knock out all of your organizing chores.

Create storage.

Thank goodness for functional furniture! Use ottomans, shelves, sofas with storage under the seat, and lift-top coffee tables to put every inch of space to good use. A Provider on Takl can deliver and assemble your furniture for you.

Do a few chores each day.

You don’t need to bust out the duster every day, but developing a few daily habits can prevent spending more time on a larger mess later on. Make your bed in the morning. Fold and hang clean clothes right after changing or put them in the appropriate hamper. Rinse off dishes right after a meal.

Create a chore calendar.

You’ve organized your apartment, so now it’s time to organize your week. Use a chore calendar to handle chores incrementally without getting overwhelmed. You can also set up Recurring cleanings through the Takl app to keep your place looking neat.

Purge as needed.

Maybe you – “you” meaning I – did some online shopping and all your packages came on the same day and now you’re drowning in cardboard. You could build a fort, try your hand at some modern art, create some picket signs, or break down all these boxes yourself. Or you could just book a junk removal job on Takl.

Even the tidiest apartments get out of hand sometimes. When that happens, find fast help on Takl to knock out that chore and get back to doing what you love.