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What we wear helps to set the tone for an environment, from a casual chat to a sophisticated soiree. Likewise, your shop or office conveys characteristics to your customers based on its design. Maybe you run a chic boutique catering to black-tie events or a real estate office where anyone can stop in and chat. Whatever tone you wish to convey, you want your customers to have a great first impression. Keep these tips in mind to help your business dress for success.

The Psychology of Color

Studies show that color impacts our moods. Psychology Today notes that green can spark creative thinking while grayish violet is often associated with sophistication. Blue can encourage a sense of trustworthiness in a space. Find a Provider on Takl to paint* your lobby, store, entryway, office, or conference room. You can also have furniture painted to create an accent piece, or find help for furniture delivery and assembly.

Combine Comfort and Style

Takl’s new lobby looks fantastic thanks to help from local Providers!

Comfortable, stylish furniture creates a space that’s both welcoming and on brand. Find same-day furniture delivery in most markets. For an added sense of light, have a mirror hung. Install energy-efficient lighting to lower your business’s energy bills. This doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style! A Provider on Takl can help install lighting fixtures, hang artwork, and arrange your furniture in a way that will wow your guests.

The Impact of Organization

You’ve likely never stopped to think about the subtle ways organization influences your impression of a space, but it happens all the time. Think of when you go into a store and find clothes off the hangers, shoes out of their boxes, shirts unfolded, and items misplaced throughout. The whole disarray stresses you out, so you leave and probably won’t come back. Compare this with the feeling of going into a bright, clean store with the shirts neatly folded, items sorted by color, and a layout that’s simple to understand. This is a space you feel comfortable taking your time in.

Similarly, an organized office can make a far better impression on clients. Would you meet with prospective clients with your presentation all over the place? Hopefully not! Organized materials highlight your professionalism and exemplify the thought and attention you put into your work. Likewise, an organized space makes a far better impression than a chaotic one.

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*Not all services available in all regions.